Spring break car rental coverage

by jfinn

Rental Gap Coverage


As your customers make plans for Spring Break (and other) vacations, many may consider renting a vehicle during their trip. In the process, they may question if they should purchase the rental car company’s insurance. With some of our carrier’s it is included; with others you have to ask for coverage.

What is Rental Gap Coverage?


It provides coverage when an insured is held responsible for damage to a rented vehicle. This occurs in situations when the rented vehicle is not a total loss and the rental company opts to:


  •      Sell the rental vehicle in its damaged condition, rather than repairing it
  •      Repair the rental vehicle in spite of a real or perceived reduction to its value


Rental Gap Facts


  •      Insureds no longer need to purchase the rental car company’s insurance
  •     Only covers Private Passenger vehicles. U-haul trucks, motorcycles, etc. are not covered
  •     The coverage is only applicable if a vehicle is rented in the United States (its territories or possessions), Canada and Puerto Rico


Rental Gap Requirements


  •      At least one personal auto covered by the policy must include both “Other than Collision” and “Collision Coverage”
  •      A rental contract must be present and “loaners” are not covered

  Please contact us and we can talk to you and answer any questions you might have about the coverage you have.

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