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  1. Preventing Parking Lot Accidents

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    Contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of car accidents occur in parking lots or garages. Although you are not driving at freeway speed, there are more obstacles in your path, from pedestrians to cars pulling out in reverse. Preventing parking lot accidents depends largely on your observation skills. Driving Into the Lot Keep your […]

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  2. Spring break car rental coverage

    by jfinn

      Rental Gap Coverage   As your customers make plans for Spring Break (and other) vacations, many may consider renting a vehicle during their trip. In the process, they may question if they should purchase the rental car company’s insurance. With some of our carrier’s it is included; with others you have to ask for […]

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  3. The Dangers of Drunk Driving

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    No matter the time of the year, the dangers of drunk driving cannot be understated. Drinking alcohol and driving is a dangerous combination that can have catastrophic and deadly consequences to life and property, as well as to one’s personal and financial status. There are many ways to emphasize the hazards of operating a vehicle […]

  4. Ice Dams

    by jfinn

    Ice damming safety and tips for removal and prevention: Ice dams form when a cycle of melting and refreezing snow accumulates on a roof. Two key factors are the outside temperature and the temperature inside the attic of an affected home. The warmer the temperature is inside the attic, the more the snow will melt. […]

  5. Icy Road Driving Tips

    by chrismulligan

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    With mother nature getting ready to throw another big winter storm in our direction, we would like to post our tips for driving safely on icy road conditions. 1. Stay Focused – Ignore that incoming text/email, and ignore that urge to change the station because that one song you can’t stand came on the radio. Sounds […]