Coach’s requirements for Michigan Youth Sports

by jfinn

It seems like we don’t go a weekend without hearing of some major athlete having a concussion and a coach/trainer testing to see if he/she can go back into the game. The State of Michigan has put together a concussion program that everyone associated with youth sports (coaches, employees, volunteers) must take. It is a webinar that takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and print off the certificate. Here is the link to copy and paste so you can go to the Michigan concussion website.,4612,7-132-54783_63943—,00.html

Upon completing as a coach you must also have all the parents sign and return a concussion information page. A sample is provided at the above sight as well.

The law covers an extremely broad number of sports and athletes including physical education classes in the schools. So if you are involved in anyway with youth sports please do the webinar and get certified


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