Preventing Parking Lot Accidents

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Contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of car accidents occur in parking lots or garages. Although you are not driving at freeway speed, there are more obstacles in your path, from pedestrians to cars pulling out in reverse. Preventing parking lot accidents depends largely on your observation skills.

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Driving Into the Lot

Keep your eyes open and off of your cell phone as you enter a parking lot. Look for any people crossing the lane and keep your speed below 14mph. Avoid any parking spots that are near the end of the lane. Your car is vulnerable to accidents from poor drivers making a bad turn in these locations. If an accident does occur, it is critical to have a knowledgeable auto insurance agent to help you through your claim.

Pulling Into The Spot

Do not park your car across two parking spots. Center the vehicle between the lines. Proper parking reduces car door dings that slowly add up into unsightly body damage. Pull the vehicle to the end of the parking spot to avoid damage to your rear end.

Pulling Out

Never distract yourself with the radio, cell phones or conversations as you leave a parking spot. Allow traffic moving down the lane to pass and then pull out slowly. Do not rely on your mirrors. Turn your head to check for any cars or people. Most cars have blind spots that contribute to accident rates.

Add Features

To protect your car even further, add rearview cameras or sensors to the back bumper. If you do not see an obstacle, the sensor tells you to immediately stop. Auto insurance agencies often discount rates based on these safety features. Contact your insurance agent to pick out the right auto coverage.

Parking in parking lots takes some patience and observation. If you are late for an appointment, speeding through a lot will only cost you more time if you strike a vehicle or pedestrian. Stay safe and slow down in parking lots. *

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