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If a first-time, young manager has recently been added to your company’s payroll, you could be concerned about how you will prepare him or her for this new role. Luckily, by following a few new manager training tips, you can teach these new managers how to lead your employees effectively and can better your company.


Prepare for a Generational Divide
If your company’s new manager is younger than many of the employees, you should work to prepare everyone for these new changes. Talking to the new manager about how to handle situations with older employees and encouraging the manager to take charge while still being respectful can make a difference.

Provide a Mentor
New managers like to know that they are doing their jobs well, and providing them with a mentor — such as yourself or another person who is higher up in your company — can provide them with the feedback and encouragement that they need to be truly successful.

Encourage Networking
All of the mangers in your company, including the newer and younger ones, should be encouraged to network. This can help provide for a stronger workforce and can give managers someone within the company who they can talk and relate to.

Provide Adequate Training
Your company’s managers should all have a strong understanding of your company’s field and their job titles and should be fully competent in all matters that might arise in the workplace. This means that additional education and training can be helpful, such as taking classes at a local college, attending school online, attending management training classes, reading books and other materials from your industry and more. Offering this training and education is a good way to both show your new manager that you care and to educate him or her to be fully prepared for the job.

Offer Feedback
Don’t let things get out of control, and make sure to keep your new manager informed if he or she is making the right or wrong decisions. Offering feedback can help lead your new manager down the right path.

We hope that your new employee is a good fit for your company! And don’t forget to cover your business’ liability, assets, and employees with business insurance solutions. *

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