Healthy Eating During the Summer Season

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Summer is well on its way, and you’re probably already starting to enjoy the outdoors—at least a little bit more than the winter. Spring is a time of new life, and it’s also a great time to take a break from work and to sit back and relax. When it comes to our waistlines, however, the summer—and all the barbecues and cookouts that come with it—can be difficult, and many people find themselves putting on a few pounds. Here are a few tips for eating healthy during before summer even starts.

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Eat Before Heading Out

By eating a healthy meal before heading out to run errands or meet up with friends, you may be able to avoid eating unhealthy fast food. Remember that shopping trips often go on for longer than planned, so be prepared. You may also want to eat a bit before heading to a cookout as many of these parties offer plenty of snacks, few of which are healthy.

Control Your Stress

With you regular, day-to-day routine, there often comes stress, and many people who deal with stress find themselves eating to help sooth their nerves. By preparing for this possibility and knowing that stress often leads to unhealthy eating, you can prepare yourself for fighting the temptation. By monitoring yourself for stress eating, you may be able to avoid a few unnecessary meals.

Plan Travel Meals

Whether you’re travelling by air or by car for a vacation this summer, try to avoid stopping for food along the way. Eat a large, healthy meal before heading to the airport to avoid the temptation of airport terminal food. If you will travel by car, consider bringing along a cooler filled with healthy options. One stop to get fast food can lead to a large calorie load; try to avoid it.

Eating healthy while at home can be difficult enough, and many people choose to just accept the fact that they’ll gain weight over the summer – but don’t give up on that beach body! With a bit of preparation, however, it may be possible to make it through this warm and fun time of the year without putting on much weight and still feeling healthy and great! *

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