Cold Weather Road Hazards

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The wintertime brings many dangers to the Michigan roads, and drivers must take extra precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and their passengers. This winter, Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency wants to prepare you with some safety tips and precautions to keep in mind.

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There are many hazards on the road that can lead to an increased danger for drivers, not the least of which is snow – and Michigan is known to get plenty of it! As the winter progresses, falling snow and fallen snow/slush will prove to be nasty dangers on the road. Not only will snow that is falling hinder your visibility while driving, but slush and snow banks can also freeze and cause significant damage to your car if you hit them.

Black Ice

Thin sheets of clear ice—called black ice—are extremely slippery for vehicles and are often difficult to spot. On the highway, on local streets, and especially if you are driving around curvy, winding roads, you must look out for black ice. Driving over black ice without caution can cause your car to spin out of control or slide across the road, resulting in a severe accident, so be extra careful!

Fallen Debris

Winter storms consistently damage the landscape throughout the area, and it is important that you drive slowly and watch for debris on the roads. Be careful of fallen hazards, such as large branches, downed trees, road signs, and even telephone poles.

Look out for these dangers while driving this winter, but also prepare yourself with an auto insurance policy that can keep you covered. The right car insurance can help with expenses for medical bills and damage repairs in the event of an accident. Of course, not only is insurance absolutely essential, but it will also help you to be informed about what your policy covers to see which discounts can apply to you. Your safety on the road is of the utmost important this winter, so utilize these tips to protect you! *

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